40th Meeting of GCC Senior Municipal Officials Held in Doha

40th Meeting of GCC Senior Municipal Officials Held in Doha

Doha, The Gulf Observer: The 40th meeting of the Committee of GCC Senior Municipal Officials convened in Doha yesterday, setting the stage for the upcoming 27th meeting of the Committee of Their Excellencies Ministers responsible for municipal affairs in the Cooperation Council.

Presiding over the meeting, Director of Doha Municipality, Mansour Ajran Al Buainain, expressed his pleasure at hosting the event in Doha. He emphasized the meeting’s aim to unify efforts across GCC states to fulfill the council members’ citizens’ needs.

Al Buainain commended the Sultanate of Oman for its exemplary leadership during the previous session. He underscored Qatar’s ongoing efforts to enhance urban development and improve the quality of life and services for its population. He also highlighted the importance of exchanging expertise among GCC cities to strengthen joint municipal action.

He acknowledged the General Secretariat of the GCC for its pivotal role in overseeing the implementation of decisions and recommendations to promote joint municipal initiatives.

Assistant Secretary-General for Economic and Development Affairs, Khalid bin Ali bin Salim Al Sunaidi, extended his gratitude to Qatar for its unwavering support and efforts to advance joint Gulf municipal action. He praised the Ministry of Municipality for organizing the meeting and the Gulf Municipal Week, noting the ministry’s significant achievements and rapid developments.

Al Sunaidi emphasized the need for GCC states to keep pace with and learn from countries excelling in the municipal domain. He expressed hope for productive discussions and outcomes from the meeting.

The agenda covered various topics, including the implementation of GCC Supreme Council resolutions on strategic urban planning and the urban environment, the Gulf Building Code, and municipal legislation and oversight mechanisms. Discussions also focused on contractor classification criteria, the Joint Gulf Municipal Action Plan (2024-2030), and the execution of previous resolutions related to the Gulf Municipal Week, agreements with specialized municipal organizations, the Gulf Municipal Work Conference, the GCC Municipal Award, and promoting GCC municipal action in regional and international forums.