Indonesian and Malaysian Defense Ministers Discuss Strengthening Defense Cooperation

Indonesian and Malaysian Defense Ministers Discuss Strengthening Defense Cooperation

Jakarta, The Gulf Observer: On Tuesday, Indonesian Defense Minister Prabowo Subianto and his Malaysian counterpart, Mohamed Khaled Nordin, convened in Jakarta to explore avenues for bolstering defense cooperation between their respective nations.

During the meeting, which marked Minister Nordin’s inaugural engagement since assuming office, defense cooperation emerged as a focal point of discussion at the Indonesian Ministry of Defense. Minister Prabowo underscored the unique bond shared between Indonesia and Malaysia, rooted in their common Malay ethnicity.

In extending congratulations to Minister Nordin on his appointment, Minister Prabowo reaffirmed Indonesia’s readiness to collaborate with Malaysia’s Ministry of Defense, emphasizing Indonesia’s unwavering support for the newly appointed minister.

Highlighting the longstanding cooperation between the two nations across various domains, Minister Prabowo stressed the potential for further expansion and intensification of collaboration, particularly in defense, intelligence, defense industry, and education.

“Indonesia hopes to forge stronger ties with Malaysia in defense, intelligence, defense industry, and education, with a focus on military student exchanges and defense industry cooperation,” remarked Minister Prabowo.

Central to defense cooperation between Indonesia and Malaysia is the General Border Committee Malaysia-Indonesia (GBC Malindo), which convenes annually to address mutual security concerns along the shared border.

During the latest GBC Malindo meeting held in Indonesia in 2023, both nations agreed to reactivate 14 joint guard posts situated along the Indonesia-Malaysia border. This initiative signifies a shared commitment to enhancing border security and fostering regional stability.

The upcoming GBC Malindo meeting scheduled for 2024 will take place in Malaysia, further underscoring the collaborative nature of the partnership. Established in 1966 following the restoration of diplomatic relations between Indonesia and Malaysia, GBC Malindo serves as a pivotal platform for managing security partnerships, particularly in border areas.

Underpinning the cooperation framework of GBC Malindo is a mutual commitment to annual meetings, reflecting the enduring resolve of Indonesia and Malaysia to safeguard their shared interests and promote regional security.

The deliberations between Ministers Prabowo and Nordin epitomize the commitment of Indonesia and Malaysia to nurturing a robust defense partnership, grounded in mutual respect, cooperation, and shared objectives.