Abu Dhabi International Book Fair Hosts ‘Arabic Pals Competition’

Abu Dhabi International Book Fair Hosts 'Arabic Pals Competition'

Abu Dhabi, The Gulf Observer: In its current edition, the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair (ADIBF) of 2024 is unveiling a compelling initiative titled the ‘Arabic Pals Competition’. Geared towards school students attending the fair, this competition serves as a platform to foster a deeper appreciation for the Arabic language among young learners of diverse nationalities.

Dr. Khaled Dalky, the Head of Arabic Language Proficiency Testing at the Abu Dhabi Arabic Language Centre (ALC), elucidated, “The ‘Arabic Pals Competition’ stands as an edutainment endeavor launched by ALC. Introduced in 2021, the competition has seen three winners in its inaugural edition. Its core objective is to enhance Arabic content dissemination across social media platforms while encouraging students to explore their linguistic passion beyond conventional classroom settings.”

Dalky further elaborated on the competition’s mechanism, stating, “Each laureate is awarded AED 10,000, with three students clinching victory in the first edition, followed by three more in the subsequent one, and four in the third iteration. Presently, we eagerly anticipate the announcement of this year’s victors. Typically, submissions open on September 2nd and conclude by the end of October, with results unveiled subsequent to a meticulous sorting and evaluation process.”

Highlighting the escalating interest garnered by the competition, Dalky remarked, “The preceding three competitions witnessed burgeoning participation from diverse schools, both domestically and internationally. Notably, we received approximately 5,000 entries from within the country and beyond. The competition caters to Arabic and non-Arabic speakers alike, targeting students in the language’s interaction stage, who have grasped fundamental aspects of Standard Arabic between the ages of 8 and 16.”

Dalky recounted memorable victories from past editions, stating, “The second iteration saw a student from India emerge triumphant, while another victor hailed from China. These students captivated audiences with their eloquent submissions, showcasing remarkable linguistic prowess. Their triumphs have instilled a sense of pride in being titled ‘Arabic Pals’.”

Looking ahead, Dalky expressed organizers’ satisfaction with the burgeoning participation from both within and beyond the UAE, underscoring the competition’s expansive reach. He articulated, “We aspire to amplify our outreach even further. Annually, we conduct numerous sessions in UAE schools, benefiting a vast array of students across all age groups. Additionally, we capitalize on public cultural venues such as the Cultural Foundation to host specialized competition sessions and conduct workshops in various libraries, including the Khalifa Park Library.”

The ‘Arabic Pals Competition’ stands as a testament to ADIBF’s commitment to nurturing linguistic fervor among the youth, transcending borders and fostering a vibrant cultural exchange on a global scale.