Aeromedical Evacuation Training Course Commences in Hà Nội

Aeromedical Evacuation Training Course Commences in Hà Nội

Hà Nội, The Gulf Observer: An aeromedical evacuation training course has been inaugurated in Hà Nội, designed to equip key personnel from Việt Nam’s Level-2 Field Hospital Rotation 6 with the necessary knowledge and skills for their participation in United Nations peacekeeping operations. The training, which began on June 8 and will run until June 16, is the fifth of its kind supported by Australia for Việt Nam’s Level-2 Field Hospital rotations.

In his opening remarks, Col. Lưu Đình Hiển, Commander of the Training Centre of the Việt Nam Department of Peacekeeping Operations, emphasized the critical importance of this training. He acknowledged the success of previous Level-2 Field Hospital rotations in South Sudan, attributing it to the proficiency of the Air Medical Evacuation Team (AMET). He highlighted AMET’s capability in delivering essential medical procedures, preparing patients for transport, and ensuring safe evacuations to Juba, the capital of South Sudan, and Uganda.

The training course features 28 participants who will receive intensive instruction from experts of the Australian Army Medical School. Additionally, the course will benefit from the expertise of personnel from Việt Nam’s Military Medical University, Military Hospital 175, the Air Defence-Air Force Service, and veterans of the AMET from previous Level-2 Field Hospital rotations.

Participants will acquire comprehensive knowledge of air medical transport in line with international and UN standards. The curriculum includes aviation medicine, medical and pharmaceutical issues, air transport planning, safety protocols, patient reception and transfer procedures, initial treatment and first aid, and effective communication during patient evacuations.

The training will culminate in a practical phase held at Regiment 916. During this phase, trainees will engage in simulated medical evacuation scenarios using helicopters. These exercises will involve patient loading and unloading procedures and will require the trainees to effectively respond to various predefined medical emergencies.

This initiative represents a significant step in strengthening the capabilities of Việt Nam’s peacekeeping medical personnel, ensuring they are well-prepared to provide critical medical support in challenging environments as part of the United Nations peacekeeping missions.