Madrid, The Gulf Observer: Al Ain Zoo has participated in the 77th World Association of Zoos and Aquariums (WAZA) Annual Conference, which was held recently at the Loro Parque Zoo in Spain.

Leaders and representatives of some of the world’s biggest and most distinguished zoos were in attendance at the event. The participation of the Zoo was in alignment with the objectives to enhance its global presence and active involvement in international programmes for nature and wildlife conservation.

The conference was attended by Ghanem Mubarak Al Hajeri, Director-General of the Zoo and Aquarium Public Institution in Al Ain; Ahmed Issa Al Harasi, Executive Director of the Operations Sector; and Amna Manea Al Otaiba, Director of the Department of Life Sciences.”We are keen to play an active and effective role with our partners and supporters in the field of nature conservation, which makes the WAZA Conference one of the best platforms to do so.

The conference brought together 240 distinguished participants from 41 countries that share our mandate and interests to exchange knowledge and ideas on the latest developments, research, and experiences in the field of wildlife protection and nature conservation, which in turn, contribute to the efficiency and continuity of our efforts to protect endangered animals around the world,” Al Hajeri stated.

The conference tackled various topics such as research, sustainability efforts, animal care and conservation, strategic planning and future innovations that support the global efforts to safeguard nature and protect endangered species and wildlife, as well as the role of society and individuals in supporting environmental protection.

Al Ain Zoo has been a distinguished member of the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums since 2006.