Al Qassimi Hospital performs surgery to remove tumor from skull

Al Qassimi Hospital performs surgery to remove tumor from skull.

SHARJAH,TGO: The ENT surgery team at Al Qassimi Hospital, affiliated with the Emirates Health Services (EHS), has succeeded in performing the first rare, complex and precise surgery in the UAE, removing a tumor from the skull base of a forty-year-old patient, which damaged the left ear and the facial nerve of the left side of the face.

The success came with the cooperation of Dr. Hassan Diab, Head of the Ear Department at the National Research Center for Otology in Moscow.

The surgical team was able to completely remove the tumor without sacrificing the facial nerve or the cerebral arteries. In addition, the patient has shown positive and promising signs in the postoperative phase, as he is currently undergoing facial nerve rehabilitation treatment that continues until the completion of the recovery phase.

Dr. Essam Howayer Al Zarouni, Director of Hospitals Department at the EHS, stressed that the institution is keen to provide the latest modern technology in various medical fields and specialties, in addition to its keenness to strengthen its health facilities in the country with smart medical services and cadres.