Apple Embraces Indonesia’s Invitation for Involvement in IKN Development

Apple Embraces Indonesia's Invitation for Involvement in IKN Development

Jakarta, The Gulf Observer: Apple Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Tim Cook, has extended a warm embrace to Indonesia’s vision for a smart city in the new capital city (IKN) Nusantara, according to statements made by Communication and Informatics Minister, Budi Arie Setiadi.

Minister Setiadi revealed that Tim Cook exhibited keen enthusiasm in response to President Joko Widodo’s invitation for Apple’s participation in the development of the smart city concept during discussions held in Jakarta on Wednesday.

“Tim Cook is very enthusiastic about our request. The smart city concept is suitable for his company,” Setiadi remarked, underscoring Cook’s positive reception to Indonesia’s ambitious urban development initiative.

During a meeting with President Widodo, Cook expressed admiration for Indonesia’s vast potential for development, underpinned by its rich cultural diversity, Setiadi noted. Cook reaffirmed Apple’s commitment to Indonesia, pledging not only to showcase its cutting-edge products but also to contribute to the enhancement of human resources within the country.

The prospect of Apple’s involvement in the development of IKN resonated deeply with Cook, who lauded the city’s incorporation of advanced smart city systems and governance practices. “He is very happy to visit Indonesia. He says that Indonesia has extraordinary potential, a country with extraordinary diversity, and for this reason, Apple is committed to continuing to be present in Indonesia,” Setiadi remarked, echoing Cook’s sentiments.

Apple’s engagement in Indonesia extends beyond its commitment to the IKN project. The tech giant had previously invested Rp1.2 trillion (US$74 million) in the country to support the Apple Developer Academy, a digital talent development program. This initiative encompasses training facilities located in BSD, Tangerang District; Ciputra University in Surabaya; and Nongsa Digital Park in Batam City, with plans for a new facility in Bali. Moreover, Apple has expressed willingness to establish a factory for product components in Indonesia, aligning with President Widodo’s vision to enhance the country’s value-added manufacturing capabilities.

Reflecting on the prospect of further investment in Indonesia, Cook expressed confidence in the nation’s economic potential. “I think investment capabilities in Indonesia are unlimited. I think there are many good places to invest, and we believe in this country,” he remarked, underscoring Apple’s steadfast commitment to contributing to Indonesia’s continued growth and prosperity.