Arab Inter-Parliamentary Union condemns foreign interference, stresses Arab solidarity

Arab Inter-Parliamentary Union condemns foreign interference, stresses Arab solidarity

Cairo, TGO: The 32nd Conference of the Arab Inter-Parliamentary Union concluded yesterday in Cairo under the title “Arab Solidarity,” with the participation of Speaker of the Shura Council H E Hassan bin Abdullah Al Ghanim.

In their speeches at the closing session, the heads of parliaments, councils, and delegations participating in the conference affirmed their position on the Palestinian issue and the right of the Palestinian people to establish their state based on international legitimacy resolutions.

The conference condemned foreign interference in the affairs of Arab countries, stressing the need to unite ranks and strengthen joint Arab action.

Also, the conference reviewed the reports of the previous sessions of the Executive Committee that were approved. It studied the report of the Union president on the activity of the Executive Committee and the report of the Secretary-General on the Union’s conditions and activities. It reviewed and approved the reports of the Union committees.

The conference issued a final statement in which the participants expressed their firm and deep belief in the importance of Arab solidarity as the only way to ward off the dangers facing the Arab nation. They renewed their firm position of solidarity with the Palestinian people and their permanent and continuous support for the Palestinian cause as the central and pivotal issue of the Arabs so that the Palestinian people can establish their independent state on the June 1967 borders, with Jerusalem as its capital, in accordance with international resolutions and the Arab Peace Initiative.

The conferees affirmed the historical right of the Hashemite guardianship of Islamic and Christian holy sites in Jerusalem, calling for an increase in the volume of communication and pressure on international institutions to expose the true intentions of the Israeli occupation and raise the Arab voice rejecting the occupation’s practices and its expansionist settlement activities.

The statement stressed the importance of adopting the path of Arab solidarity to confront all external and internal challenges, strengthen the unity of the Arab ranks, and transcend intra-Arab differences, reiterating the need to reformulate the Arab strategy and activate parliamentary diplomacy. It welcomed any Arab initiative that embodies human solidarity in times of adversity, crises, epidemics, and disasters, regardless of differences in political positions and opinions.

Also, the statement underscored that the continuation of dialogues and consultation between the brothers would contribute to enriching the discussion and providing a clearer vision for the various core Arab issues, on top of which is the Palestine cause, stressing the importance of containing and resolving all Arab disputes within the Arab house and preventing any regional interference in this regard.