Azerbaijan Moves Another Group of Residents to Shusha

Azerbaijan Moves Another Group of Residents to Shusha as Rehabilitation Efforts Continue

Baku, The Gulf Observer: In a significant development aimed at furthering the rehabilitation and resettlement process, on May 14, a new cohort of former internally displaced persons, comprising families currently residing in dormitories, sanatoriums, pioneer camps, and administrative buildings across various territories of Azerbaijan, was transported from the Garadagh district of Baku to the historic city of Shusha, as reported by media.

This relocation initiative marks another stride forward in Azerbaijan’s ongoing efforts to address the needs of individuals displaced by past conflicts and to facilitate their return to their ancestral homes. A total of 38 families, comprising 136 individuals, are reported to have made the transition to Shusha at this stage.

The resettlement of internally displaced persons underscores Azerbaijan’s commitment to fostering stability, prosperity, and inclusive development across its territories, particularly in areas with historical and cultural significance such as Shusha. As the nation continues its journey of reconstruction and reconciliation, initiatives aimed at supporting displaced communities remain a cornerstone of Azerbaijan’s comprehensive approach to post-conflict recovery and nation-building.