Azerbaijani FM meets with Turkish counterpart in New York

Azerbaijani FM meets with Turkish FM in New York

New York, The Gulf Observer: Foreign Minister of Azerbaijan Jeyhun Bayramov Tuesday met with Turkish Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan as part of his business trip to New York to participate in the opening of the 78th session of the UN General Assembly, the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry told media.

The ministers discussed issues arising from strategic alliance relations between Azerbaijan and Türkiye, as well as the latest situation in our region.

Minister Jeyhun Bayramov informed his counterpart about the latest situation in the region and the local anti-terrorist operation launched by Azerbaijan, and drew attention to the factors determining this operation.

Minister J. Bayramov emphasized that by obstinately refusing to fully withdraw its armed forces from Azerbaijani territory, violating international law and the 4th paragraph of the Trilateral Statement of November 10, 2020, and continuing to support and promote separatism against the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Azerbaijan through all possible political, military, financial, and ideological means, Armenia remains the main cause of tension in the region.

It is noted that in recent days, there has been an intensification of military provocations, particularly by the illegal regime created by Armenia on Azerbaijani sovereign territories. There has been a notable increase in military construction activities, and the fortification of combat positions has been observed. All of these actions point to the fact that the illegally stationed Armenian armed forces are once again preparing for a large-scale military aggression on Azerbaijani territory.

Finally, on September 19, as a result of the explosion of mines planted by illegal Armenian military units engaged in reconnaissance-diversion activities, it was emphasized that 6 employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs serving in the area, as well as 6 civilians recruited for restoration work, lost their lives, and 6 others sustained serious injuries.

It was emphasized that the local anti-terror operation conducted by the armed forces specifically targeted legitimate military objectives, with the aim of neutralizing Armenia’s illegal military infrastructure.

Minister J. Bayramov emphasized that all measures have been taken during the operation to ensure that civilians and civilian infrastructure are not harmed. The Azerbaijani side has reiterated multiple times that it is committed to safeguarding all rights and freedoms of the Armenian population in the Karabakh Economic Region, including their security, based on the Constitution of the Republic of Azerbaijan and international human rights mechanisms they support.

Minister J. Bayramov emphasized that for the stabilization of the situation in the region, it is imperative for the Armenian armed forces to fully withdraw from Azerbaijani territories, for the illegal Armenian armed groups to disarm, and for all elements of the illegal regime to be dismantled, which is non-negotiable.

The Turkish minister, as always, emphasized their support for the legitimate steps taken by Azerbaijan in its sovereign territories.

During the meeting, there was an exchange of views on other international and regional issues of mutual interest.