Baykar Achieves Historic Milestone as One of Türkiye’s Top 10 Exporters

Baykar Achieves Historic Milestone as One of Türkiye's Top 10 Exporters

Istanbul, The Gulf Observer: Baykar has become one of Türkiye’s top 10 exporters, marking a historic milestone as the first defence and aerospace company to achieve this status in the country. The announcement was made by Haluk Bayraktar, CEO of Baykar, during the “Champions of Export” awards ceremony hosted by the Türkiye Exporters Assembly at the Halic Congress Centre in Istanbul.

“Baykar has led the defence and aerospace sector in exports for the past three years, now ranking among Türkiye’s top 10 exporters,” Bayraktar stated. “We have undertaken all our projects entirely with our own resources.”

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan attended the ceremony and presented the award to Baykar, highlighting the company’s significant achievements in the field.

Baykar’s success is largely attributed to its advanced Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs). Reflecting on the company’s journey, Bayraktar noted that Baykar began with the Bayraktar Mini UAV in the early 2000s, investing in research and development for seven years without generating revenue.

“We believed UAVs would revolutionise the battlefield and become future technology. This conviction drove us to work tirelessly,” he said.

Baykar’s dedication and innovation have paid off, growing the company from its modest beginnings to a workforce of 4,500.

“We climbed the ladder step by step, researching, developing, and producing national and original technologies. Our UAVs have changed the world,” Bayraktar added.

This achievement not only underscores Baykar’s leadership in the defence and aerospace sector but also highlights Türkiye’s growing prominence in high-tech exports on the global stage.