Bursalı Turkmenistan

Ashgabat, The Gulf Observer: Bursalı, Türkiye’s largest textile company, announced the opening of its first enterprise in Turkmenistan, according to a statement from Executive Board Chairman Alper Bursalı posted on Turkish media group ST Endustri’s website

Bursalı aims to develop a new production model on a 100,000 square meters area in Turkmenistan.

The company will operate workshops for yarn production and dyeing, towel production, and in the second stage, sewing production will also be launched.

Alper Bursalı noted that Bursalı invested $22.5 million to equip the new enterprise, sending 200 trucks with production equipment to Turkmenistan.

The Bursalı factory in Turkmenistan is expected to produce 12,000 tons of yarn, 10,000 tons of towels and garments a year and will provide around 1,000 jobs.