China calls for restraint over recent escalation of tensions between Palestine and Israel

China calls for restraint over recent escalation of tensions between Palestine and Israel

New York, The Gulf Observer: China’s permanent representative to the United Nations Zhang Jun called on relevant parties to exercise restraint over the recent escalation of tensions and violence between Palestine and Israel as the UN Security Council met to discuss the conflict on Sunday.

At the UN emergency meeting, Zhang said the Chinese side is gravely concerned about the outbreak of fierce conflict between Israel and the armed groups in the Gaza Strip and is deeply worried about the prospect of further deterioration of the situation.

China condemns all violence and attacks against civilians, and calls on all parties concerned to exercise maximum restraint, avoid further escalation of the conflict situation and realize a ceasefire as soon as possible, the Chinese ambassador noted.

All parties are obliged to abide by international humanitarian law and to refrain from attacking and destroying civilians including civilian facilities, he added.

Noting the current situation on the ground remains very fragile, Zhang said China supports the good offices of the secretary-general of the United Nations and the countries concerned in their efforts to cool down the situation as soon as possible.

The Security Council should be ready to take the necessary actions to promote dialogue, realize a ceasefire and restore peace, he added.

Zhang also pointed out that the frequent conflicts between Palestine and Israel are largely due to the fact that the Middle East peace process has deviated from the right track, that the basis of the two-state solution has been eroded and relevant UN resolutions have not been effectively implemented.

He called for efforts to advance the two-state solution with the greatest sense of urgency.