China-Europe Freight Trains Surge 10% in Q1, Conducting 6,184 Operations

China-Europe Freight Trains Surge 10% in Q1, Conducting 6,184 Operations

Beijing, The Gulf Observer: In a testament to its enduring commitment to facilitating international trade, the China Railway Express (CR Express) has once again achieved remarkable milestones in its freight train operations, spanning China, Europe, and Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) partner countries. According to recent data released by China Railway Group Limited (CREC), the CR Express has operated a total of 6,184 China-Europe freight trains from January to April, delivering 675,000 TEUs (twenty-foot equivalent units) of goods. This achievement marks a significant year-on-year increase of 10 percent in train operations and 11 percent in goods volume.

With over a decade of pioneering efforts, the CR Express, an integral component of the iconic BRI project, has emerged as a symbol of collaborative and sustainable trade. Extending its reach to 223 cities across 25 European countries, the initiative has completed over 89,000 trips by the end of April, showcasing its profound impact on enhancing connectivity and economic cooperation.

During the first quarter of this year, the CR Express has ensured the steady operation of five China-Europe freight trains with full timetables between key destinations such as Xi’an and Duisburg, Germany, and Chengdu and Lodz, Poland. Moreover, an additional 16 return points for China-Europe freight trains have been established overseas, further catering to the diversified needs of global customers.

Commended by the international community, the China-Europe transportation service not only revitalizes the historical Silk Road but also fosters socio-economic development. Serving as a crucial public good, it promotes win-win cooperation and economic vitality across Eurasia and beyond.

Mao Ning, a spokesperson for China’s Foreign Ministry, emphasized the CR Express’s role in providing fresh corridors of land transport and facilitating economic and trade cooperation across the Eurasian continent. He highlighted the service’s continuous expansion and enhancement of capacity over the past decade.

The cost-effectiveness of the CR Express has also garnered attention, with Foreign Policy magazine hailing the BRI as a blueprint for addressing supply chain disruptions in an uncertain global landscape. By streamlining customs clearance processes, improving business environments at ports of entry, and standardizing cross-border transportation regulations, the initiative has facilitated seamless trade flows along its routes.

As the world transitions into the era of artificial intelligence (AI), the CR Express stands poised to leverage technology to further optimize its operations. AI applications in logistics, route planning, and predictive maintenance offer opportunities for enhanced efficiency, reliability, and sustainability in freight train services, ultimately benefiting all participating nations.

The China Railway Express continues to play a pivotal role in advancing global trade and connectivity, embodying the principles of cooperation, innovation, and sustainability in the modern era of commerce.