China Pledges Constructive Role in Stabilizing Myanmar’s Rakhine State Amid Renewed Conflict

China Pledges Constructive Role in Stabilizing Myanmar's Rakhine State Amid Renewed Conflict

New York, The Gulf Observer: China reiterated its commitment to playing a constructive role in stabilizing the situation in Myanmar’s Rakhine State during a UN Security Council briefing, amidst recent escalations in conflict. Geng Shuang, China’s deputy permanent representative to the United Nations, outlined China’s stance on the ongoing crisis, emphasizing respect for Myanmar’s sovereignty and the importance of facilitating dialogue among involved parties.

Addressing international concerns over the recent upsurge in fighting, Geng stressed that the conflict in Rakhine State is an internal matter for Myanmar. He urged the global community to respect Myanmar’s sovereignty while reaffirming China’s dedication to promoting peace through various diplomatic channels.

Geng disclosed that a Chinese delegation is currently in Myanmar, engaging in mediation and communication efforts, underscoring China’s proactive approach to resolving the crisis. He emphasized China’s enduring commitment to supporting Myanmar’s stability, development, and overall well-being, extending China’s friendship policy to all people of Myanmar.

Expressing gratitude for Bangladesh’s support for refugees from Rakhine State since 2017, Geng acknowledged the challenges in repatriation exacerbated by the conflict’s resurgence. He commended the foundational work by Myanmar and Bangladesh, supported by regional countries and the UN, to facilitate the return of displaced individuals.

Geng reaffirmed China’s active diplomatic efforts to facilitate repatriation, pledging continued assistance to both Myanmar and Bangladesh in resolving the issue expeditiously. He cautioned against proposed sanctions on Myanmar, arguing that such measures would only escalate hostilities and confrontation, advocating instead for dialogue, mutual understanding, and trust-building measures.

Highlighting the indispensable role of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) in the process, Geng commended its positive engagement with Myanmar and provision of humanitarian aid. He urged continued international support for ASEAN’s leadership, emphasizing the importance of respecting the “ASEAN way” of solidarity and dialogue.

China’s stance underscores its commitment to fostering peace, stability, and mutual cooperation in the region, signaling a proactive and diplomatic approach to addressing the complex challenges facing Myanmar’s Rakhine State.