China Resumes Diplomatic Ties with Nauru: Flag-Raising Ceremony Marks Milestone

China Resumes Diplomatic Ties with Nauru: Flag-Raising Ceremony Marks Milestone

Nauru, The Gulf Observer: In a historic event, a Chinese national flag-raising ceremony was conducted on Monday in Nauru, signaling the official resumption of diplomatic ties between China and the Pacific island country. This momentous occasion marked the first time in nearly 19 years that the five-star red flag has been raised in Nauru.

The ceremony was organized by the Chinese diplomatic team responsible for reestablishing the Chinese embassy in Nauru, utilizing a compound that also serves as their temporary offices. Wang Xuguang, the head of the diplomatic team, addressed reporters during the event, highlighting the natural complementarity and significant potential for bilateral cooperation between China and Nauru.

Wang expressed full confidence in the future collaboration between the two nations across various fields. “Going forward, the two sides should strengthen the alignment of their development strategies, strive to find common ground for cooperation, and carry out more and better projects so that the two peoples can benefit from bilateral relations at an earlier date,” he stated.

The Nauruan government had issued a statement on January 15, officially recognizing the one-China principle. The announcement included the severance of so-called “diplomatic relations” with Taiwan authorities and a willingness to resume diplomatic relations with China. Subsequently, on January 24, China and Nauru signed a joint communique in Beijing, officially confirming the resumption of diplomatic relations at the ambassadorial level.

The flag-raising ceremony and the reestablishment of diplomatic ties underscore the commitment of both China and Nauru to fostering a cooperative relationship for mutual benefit. This significant diplomatic development contributes to the strengthening of ties between China and nations in the Pacific region, emphasizing collaboration and shared interests.