China to nurture the intelligent detector industry

China to nurture the intelligent detector industry

Beijing, The Gulf Observer: China will nurture the intelligent detector industry as it further develops smart manufacturing, according to an action plan for the 2023-2025 period.

By 2025, China’s intelligent detection technologies will help meet user demand for manufacturing craftsmanship, while its ability to supply core components, specialized software and entire detectors will have been improved markedly, said the document jointly issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and six other authorities.

A key item of equipment in smart manufacturing, intelligent detectors are integral to keeping production steady, ensuring quality and boosting efficiency.

More specifically, the action plan pledges to launch over 100 model scenarios in which intelligent detectors are applied and incubate over 30 “little giant” companies that boast cutting-edge technologies in the sector.

Large-scale application of intelligent detectors will be deepened in eight fields, including machinery, automobiles, aerospace, electronics, steel, petrochemical, textile and medicine, said the action plan.