China unveils plans to boost green development of electrical equipment

China unveils plans to boost green development of electrical equipment.

Beijing, The Gulf Observer: China on Monday unveiled an action plan to expedite the green and low-carbon development of electrical equipment as part of its efforts to meet the carbon peak and neutrality goals.

Efforts will be made to boost the green transition of power generation equipment, promote breakthroughs in core technologies and accelerate the smart transition of electrical equipment by deepening integration with new information technologies, according to the plan released by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and four other government bodies.

Within five to eight years, a marked improvement will be made in the demand and supply structure of China’s electrical equipment, and the efficiency of its power grid will be significantly enhanced, the plan states.

The installed capacity of renewable energy will continue to improve, according to the plan, which also specifies that the wind and solar power equipment will meet the installed demand of over 1.2 billion kilowatts, and nuclear power equipment will reach the installed demand of 70 million kilowatts.