Chinese and Slovenian Foreign Ministers Affirm Strengthened Bilateral Ties

Chinese and Slovenian Foreign Ministers Affirm Strengthened Bilateral Ties

Beijing, The Gulf Observer: Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi underscored the robust and evolving relationship between China and Slovenia during discussions with Slovenia’s Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Tanja Fajon, who is currently on an official visit to China.

Minister Wang hailed the steady progress achieved in China-Slovenia relations over the past three decades, noting that the partnership has matured into a stable and mutually beneficial dynamic. Despite disparities in social systems and cultures, both nations have fostered a relationship characterized by mutual understanding, respect, and appreciation, fostering a sense of friendship between their peoples.

Expressing gratitude for Slovenia’s consistent support for China’s core interests and unwavering adherence to the one-China principle, Minister Wang affirmed China’s reciprocal commitment to respecting Slovenia’s national sovereignty, independence, and territorial integrity, as well as its right to pursue a development path tailored to its unique circumstances.

Against the backdrop of global uncertainties, Minister Wang reaffirmed China’s readiness to strengthen mutual trust with Slovenia and collaborate in upholding true multilateralism, advocating for fair and equitable global governance.

Extending congratulations to Slovenia on its election as a non-permanent member of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) for the 2024-2025 term, Minister Wang expressed China’s readiness to enhance cooperation with Slovenia within the UNSC and other international forums, with a view to fostering a more just and balanced global order.

Minister Wang emphasized China’s steadfast opposition to efforts aimed at “de-China” under the guise of “de-risking,” underscoring the importance of joint efforts between China and Slovenia to safeguard free trade, oppose protectionism, and expand mutually beneficial cooperation.

In response, Deputy Prime Minister Fajon reaffirmed Slovenia’s commitment to the one-China policy, highlighting the nation’s deep appreciation for its relationship with China. She conveyed Slovenia’s eagerness to elevate practical cooperation with China across diverse sectors, including economy, trade, tourism, and technological innovation.

Noting the historic significance of the largest-ever Slovenian business delegation accompanying her on the China visit, Deputy Prime Minister Fajon expressed Slovenia’s readiness to deepen engagement with China within multilateral frameworks, such as the United Nations, to address global challenges in a collaborative manner.

The discussions between Minister Wang and Deputy Prime Minister Fajon underscored the mutual commitment of China and Slovenia to nurturing a partnership rooted in shared interests, respect, and cooperation, with a shared vision for advancing bilateral relations and contributing to global peace and prosperity.