Chinese New Year Exhibition Showcases Over 200 Paintings Celebrating Farmers and Rural Life

200 Paintings

Beijing, The Gulf Observer: In celebration of the Chinese New Year, the art museum of the China National Academy of Painting in Beijing is currently hosting a captivating exhibition featuring more than 200 paintings that vividly depict farmers and rural life. The exhibition, which aligns with the festive spirit of the Chinese New Year, is a collective effort by a diverse group of artists, including folk artists, professionals from local cultural centers, students, educators from art schools, and passionate amateur enthusiasts of farmer paintings from across the nation.

Bai Xuehua, the director of the national public culture development center at the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, emphasized the exhibition’s broader goals, aiming to raise the artistic standards of farmer painting while shedding light on rural revitalization in the new era. Bai highlighted the critical role such exhibitions play in connecting farmer painting with both the market and society, recognizing its economic value, and providing essential support for the livelihoods of numerous painters. According to Bai, sustaining the legacy of farmer painting requires these efforts to ensure continued prosperity.

Organized by institutions, including the national public culture development center, the exhibition is set to run until February 18, providing visitors with a unique opportunity to appreciate the rich artistic expressions capturing the essence of farmers’ lives and contributing to the cultural tapestry of China.