Chinese Premier Li Qiang Enacts New Regulations on Ecological Protection Compensation

Chinese Premier Li Qiang

Beijing, The Gulf Observer: Chinese Premier Li Qiang has signed a decree of the State Council, ushering in new regulations aimed at bolstering ecological protection compensation across the nation. The regulations, which will come into effect on June 1, 2024, encompass 33 items distributed across six chapters, delineating various aspects of ecological protection compensation.

Key provisions outlined in the regulations include:

  1. Connotation of Ecological Protection Compensation: Clarifying the scope and nature of ecological protection compensation, emphasizing its importance in incentivizing and rewarding efforts to preserve and enhance ecological elements.
  2. Principle and Mechanism: Establishing the foundational principles and operational mechanisms for implementing ecological protection compensation, ensuring consistency and effectiveness in its application.
  3. Fiscal Vertical Compensation: Outlining the process for financial transfers and support from higher-level governments to entities and individuals engaged in ecological protection efforts.
  4. Horizontal Compensation Between Regions: Defining methods for compensatory measures between different regions to address disparities and encourage collaborative ecological preservation initiatives.
  5. Market-Oriented Compensation: Encouraging the utilization of market mechanisms to promote ecological protection, including the purchase of ecological products and services by social forces and local governments.
  6. Guarantee, Supervision, and Management: Strengthening oversight, management, and enforcement mechanisms to ensure the effective distribution and utilization of ecological protection compensation funds.

Under these regulations, governments at and above the county level will be required to enhance organizational leadership and allocate responsibilities to relevant departments for the implementation of ecological protection compensation. Financial support and other forms of compensation will be provided to entities and individuals contributing to the protection of critical ecological elements and functions.

Additionally, the regulations emphasize the role of market-driven approaches in incentivizing ecological protection activities, aiming to foster collaboration between local governments and ecological beneficiary areas.

To uphold accountability and transparency, the regulations empower government departments to monitor the distribution and usage of ecological protection compensation funds. Measures will be taken to address non-compliance, including withholding or reclaiming allocated funds from entities or individuals found to misuse or misappropriate compensation resources.

The enactment of these regulations underscores China’s commitment to advancing ecological protection efforts, promoting sustainability, and encouraging proactive engagement in safeguarding the nation’s natural heritage.