Chinese Premier Li Qiang Engages with Experts and Entrepreneurs on Economic Outlook

Chinese Premier Li Qiang

Beijing, The Gulf Observer: Chinese Premier Li Qiang convened a symposium on Monday with economic experts and entrepreneurs to gather insights on the current state of the economy and chart the course for future endeavors.

During the meeting, participants unanimously agreed that despite challenges posed by a complex external environment, the Chinese economy has demonstrated resilience, displaying positive momentum and reinforcing market confidence.

Following comprehensive deliberations and listening to the viewpoints of attendees, Li Qiang, a member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China Central Committee, acknowledged the escalating complexity, severity, and uncertainty in the global landscape. Nevertheless, he reiterated China’s steadfast commitment to sustained development, underpinned by robust fundamentals, diverse advantages, and vast potential, asserting that the country’s growth trajectory remains upward in the long term.

Li underscored China’s unwavering confidence and capability to sustain robust economic progress, emphasizing the necessity to consolidate and amplify positive economic trends. Central to this endeavor is expediting the implementation of government policies, fostering an environment conducive to market entities, nurturing internal momentum, and systematically addressing key challenges.

In pursuit of this agenda, Li highlighted the importance of deploying targeted measures to harness technological innovation to drive industrial progress and address demand deficits effectively. Additionally, he stressed the imperative of enhancing people’s livelihoods as a focal point of developmental efforts.

The Chinese premier urged experts to contribute their insights to advance economic and social development, while encouraging entrepreneurs to prioritize innovation, development, and proactive pursuit of business opportunities.

The symposium underscores China’s commitment to navigating economic challenges through strategic policy initiatives, innovation-driven growth, and collaborative engagement with stakeholders, reflecting a cohesive approach to ensure sustained economic vitality and prosperity.