Chinese State Councilor Urges Global Women in Science to Lead Sci-Tech Innovation

Chinese State Councilor

Beijing, The Gulf Observer: Chinese State Councilor Shen Yiqin, also serving as the President of the All-China Women’s Federation, issued a compelling call to action for women in science and technology worldwide to seize the forefront of innovation amidst a new era of technological revolution and industrial transformation.

Delivering her keynote address at the 2024 Global Forum on Women in Sci-Tech Innovation, held in Beijing on Saturday, Shen emphasized the pivotal role of women in driving forward scientific breakthroughs and shaping the trajectory of technological advancements.

Under the theme “She Vitality & New Momentum,” the forum convened against the backdrop of the ongoing 2024 Zhongguancun Forum, spanning from April 25 to 29, underscoring the significance of women’s participation in fostering innovation and driving global progress.

Shen urged women in science and technology circles to unite in collaborative efforts to spearhead major scientific breakthroughs, nurture the next generation of female talent, and cultivate a robust global community of science and technology innovators. By harnessing collective expertise and leveraging diverse perspectives, Shen emphasized the potential to serve the broader goals of advancing science and technology, empowering women, and benefiting humanity as a whole.

The forum provided a platform for dialogue and exchange of ideas, facilitating discussions on strategies to harness the untapped potential of women in science and technology. Participants were encouraged to explore avenues for collaboration, share best practices, and chart a course toward a more inclusive and innovative future.

As the world undergoes rapid technological transformation, Shen’s rallying call serves as a clarion call for women to play an active role in shaping the future of science, technology, and innovation. With women’s leadership and participation, the global community can unlock new opportunities, drive meaningful change, and usher in an era of inclusive prosperity and sustainable development.