CICA endeavor to build Asian community with a shared future, Chinese Vice President

CICA endeavor to build Asian community with a shared future, Chinese Vice President

Chinese Vice President Wang Qishan (C) addresses the sixth CICA summit in Astana, Kazakhstan, October 13, 2022.

Astana, The Gulf Observer: Addressing to the sixth CICA summit on Thursday, Chinese Vice President Wang Qishan said the CICA should strengthen solidarity and coordination, properly tackle challenges and endeavor to build an Asian community with a shared future.

Upholding mutual respect and trust and implementing the Global Security Initiative, Wang urged the CICA to pursue security that is common, comprehensive, cooperative and sustainable, so as to safeguard the peace and tranquility in Asia.

Wang also called for joint efforts to stick to mutual benefit, promote the implementation of the Global Development Initiative and accelerate the implementation of the United Nations (UN) 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, together to promote Asian countries’ development and prosperity.

“We need to uphold mutual learning, rise above the differences in ideology and social system, and advocate harmony among Asian civilizations”, he said.

In addition, Wang said the CICA should uphold fairness and justice, support each other in following a development path suited to their own national conditions, champion true multilateralism and safeguard the UN-centered international system and the legitimate rights and interests of Asian countries

China has all along viewed CICA’s development from a strategic and long-term perspective, Wang said, adding that China will fully leverage its role as the coordinating country in related fields, host exchanges and training sessions in agriculture, green development, finance and among think tanks, and work with all parties to bring CICA cooperation to a new height.