Collector shows glimpse of historical Kuwaiti flag

Collector shows glimpse of historical Kuwaiti flag

Kuwait, The Gulf Observer: The private collection of Abdullah Mohammad Bin Nasser contains a valuable piece showing a glimpse of the historical Kuwaiti flag dating to back circa 1936. Bin Nasser acquired the historic flag during extensive tour and search for antiquities.

The flag has a red and white color with an inscription of Kuwait and Shahada (profession of faith) on it in addition to a golden embroidery of the Amiri Crown, the state symbol back in the day.

The piece reflected the infancy of the modern State of Kuwait. Around the 1960s, it was replaced with the current flag colored in green, white, red, and black.

The historian bin Nasser was able to obtain this precious piece as part of his shuttle and relentless trips to select and acquire precious pieces that reflect the history of Kuwait’s establishment and independence, passing through all stages of pearl diving, the desert life and the eventual discovery and extraction of oil.

The documentation of that rare copy of the ancient flag was approved, signed by Dr Abdullah Al-Ghunaim, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Center for Research and Studies on Kuwait (CRSK).

The country’s flag went through different stages and accompanied the establishment and development of the state until the late Sheikh Abdullah Al-Salem Al-Sabah, Amir of the State of Kuwait at the time, decided in 1960 to replace the old flag with its red and white colors with a new flag consisting of four colors, each with a specific symbol that is still the same in force and officially approved to this day.