COP28 kicks off at Expo City Dubai

COP28 kicks off at Expo City Dubai

Dubai, The Gulf Observer: The 28th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP28) kicked off today at the Expo City Dubai. The conference will continue until December 12.

COP28 is the largest global climate event ever hosted by the UAE. There have been a record number of attendance requests for both the Blue Zone and Green Zone, with up to 500,000 participants expected. Over 97,000 people are registered for the Blue Zone and 400,000 for the Green Zone.

These participants include government ministers, representatives from non-governmental organisations (NGOs), the private sector, indigenous peoples, and youth. All are coming together to reshape global climate action.

More than 180 heads of state and government from around the world are attending the event.

COP28 is an opportunity for all countries, sectors, and segments of society to collaborate and unite their efforts to achieve the highest climate ambitions. This is especially important at a time when global climate action is becoming increasingly urgent and necessary.

The conference marks the first global assessment of progress toward the goals of the Paris Agreement, which was established at COP21. The COP28 presidency is focused on achieving ambitious negotiation outcomes through a practical agenda that will translate commitments into tangible progress in addressing the climate crisis.

The UAE is leading an initiative to reach consensus among all parties and agree on a clear roadmap to accelerate desired progress across all climate action themes. This is based on the COP28 presidency’s action plan, which is centered on four pillars: fast tracking a just and orderly energy transition, fixing climate finance, focusing on people, nature, lives and livelihoods, and fostering inclusivity.

These pillars are supported by a commitment to fully involving everyone in the conference’s working system.

The COP28 team is working to build global understandings to achieve the primary goal of maintaining the possibility of avoiding a rise in Earth’s temperature exceeding 1.5 degrees Celsius. At the same time, the presidency is focused on enhancing the significant role of youth in addressing the climate crisis. It is empowering youth and integrating young leaders into COP28 negotiations and other major local and international forums held throughout the year.

COP28 features an innovative, specialised programme addressing climate-related topics for two weeks. This programme allows all stakeholders to make positive contributions within a framework that embraces engagement in climate action.

This tailored programme was developed through open consultations with all stakeholders. It aims to activate climate action, contribute to policy implementation, and provide financial and technological solutions aligned with the conference’s primary objectives.

For the first time in COP history, COP28 is dedicating a day to health-related activities, including a ministerial conference on health and climate. The conference also emphasises the role of trade and finance, and it introduces a pavilion for religions, recognising their importance in climate discussions.

COP28 is also dedicating a day to indigenous peoples and hosting a dedicated pavilion for them. Indigenous peoples, who comprise 5 percent of the global population, protect 80 percent of its biological diversity.

Recognising the need for contributions from all segments of society in finding solutions, COP28 is welcoming the largest number of mayors in the history of COP conferences.

The Blue Zone: A Hub for Formal Negotiations

The Blue Zone is a restricted area accessible only to UNFCCC-accredited participants, such as Parties, world leaders, media representatives, and observers. It serves as the central hub for formal negotiations during COP28 UAE. This is where world leaders, senior climate policymakers, scientists, and advisors gather with a shared goal: to limit global temperature rise to 1.5 degrees Celsius.

The Green Zone: A Public Space for Climate Action

The Green Zone is an open-air space welcoming the general public to explore cutting-edge climate innovations, groundbreaking technologies, interactive exhibits, inspiring art installations, captivating film screenings, and engaging discussions on climate action. Spread across Expo City Dubai, the Green Zone provides a platform for visitors to immerse themselves in the world of climate solutions and contribute to a more sustainable future.