Delegation from Uzbekistan Enhances Cooperation with Hungary

Uzbekistan Hungary

Budapest, The Gulf Observer: A delegation led by Ulugbek Kasimov, the mayor of Surkhandarya region, Uzbekistan recently concluded a productive visit to Hungary aimed at strengthening bilateral cooperation and fostering partnerships between regions. The visit resulted in the signing of significant agreements and memoranda of cooperation between key entities from Surkhandarya region and various counterparts in Hungary.

During the visit, the following agreements and declarations were signed:

  1. Declaration on Mutual Cooperation: An agreement was reached between the Surkhandarya region and the Chongrad-Chanad region, as well as with the Chongrad-Chanad Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Chamber of Agriculture, and the Export Promotion Agency. This declaration outlines the framework for mutual cooperation, trade, and economic collaboration between the respective regions and institutions.
  2. Cooperation Agreements: Specific cooperation agreements were signed between the administration of Surkhandarya region and counterparts in Hungary, aimed at enhancing collaboration in various sectors such as trade, agriculture, industry, and export promotion. These agreements seek to facilitate exchanges and initiatives that benefit both regions.
  3. Memorandum of Cooperation: A memorandum of cooperation was established between Zharkurgan district of Surkhandarya region and the city of Szeged in Hungary. This memorandum lays the foundation for closer ties and collaborative projects between the district and the city, fostering cultural, economic, and educational exchanges.

The delegation’s visit underscores the commitment of Surkhandarya region to expanding international partnerships and exploring opportunities for development and growth through cross-border cooperation. These agreements and memoranda pave the way for meaningful exchanges, joint ventures, and initiatives that contribute to the socio-economic progress of both Surkhandarya region and Hungary.

The collaboration between regions and institutions is expected to promote trade facilitation, technology transfer, investment, and cultural understanding, ultimately strengthening the bonds of friendship and cooperation between Uzbekistan and Hungary.