Digital Dubai Attains Great Place To Work Certified Designation

Digital Dubai Attains Great Place To Work Certified Designation

Dubai, The Gulf Observer: Digital Dubai has achieved the esteemed Great Place to Work Certified designation, solidifying its standing among organizations renowned for fostering exceptional workplace cultures. Awarded by the global authority Great Place to Work, this recognition underscores Digital Dubai’s unwavering commitment to cultivating an environment that prioritizes employee satisfaction, collaboration, and innovation.

This certification not only signifies accolades but also showcases Digital Dubai’s dedication to surpassing industry standards and achieving its organizational goals. By emphasizing harmony, productivity, and creative thinking, Digital Dubai empowers its team to excel, contributing to the organization’s success and overall impact.

Digital Dubai has successfully met all the criteria established by the Global Authority on Workplace Culture, placing significant emphasis on fostering a sense of purpose and pride among employees in contributing to the Authority’s mission and strategic objectives.

Tariq Al Janahi, Chief Executive Officer of the Corporate Enablement Sector at Digital Dubai, commented, “At Digital Dubai, we prioritize the holistic happiness equation, revolving around employees, customers, and society at large. This international recognition reflects the collaborative spirit embodied by Digital Dubai’s workforce, their professionalism, institutional loyalty, and their belief in the substantial value they contribute to the organization.”

Al Janahi further stated, “Our commitment to dedication, sincerity, and positive competition aligns with Dubai’s overarching goals, contributing to the advancement of our beloved country. A distinguished work environment at Digital Dubai translates to exceptional functional harmony, leading to superior services and heightened happiness levels for partners and customers alike.”

Ibrahim Mougharbel, Managing Director of the UAE, Great Place to Work Middle East, congratulated Digital Dubai for receiving the certification. He emphasized the collective voice of the Authority’s employees, highlighting their affirmation of the positive working environment fostered by the organization and their sense of pride in contributing to the community through Digital Dubai.

With this distinction, Digital Dubai joins an esteemed roster of international institutions globally recognized for their outstanding work environments, alongside prominent companies featured on the Forbes list.

The Global Authority on Workplace Culture evaluates organizations based on the principle of trust, drawing upon over three decades of experience in assessing employees’ confidence in their workplace and belief in organizational objectives. The Trust Index Survey, implemented by the Authority, serves as a cornerstone in this evaluation process.