Dubai Cyber Innovation Park launches first NFT drop

Dubai Cyber Innovation Park launches first NFT drop

Dubai, The Gulf Observer: Dubai Cyber Innovation Park (DCIP), the Research and Knowledge Arm of Digital Dubai, represented by the Dubai Electronic Security Centre, launched the “CyberMaster Trophy” as the first of its kind NFT drop of DCIP, as part of its efforts in cyber innovations and raising awareness in cybersecurity.

The raffle draw date will be on announced on 23rd December, 2022, with only one winner.

The holder of this NFT 1/1 trophy will receive special access to DCIP’s courses, events, programmes and more.

As part of its efforts in fostering innovation, DCIP aims to support digital economic growth and contribute to the development of technologies that support Dubai’s vision of achieving economic prosperity alongside its smart transformation.

The NFT Trophy will act as a symbol of cyber innovation and as a symbol of empowerment that represents the cyber workforce competing against the rapidly evolving cyber threats. The design is a unique abstract that signifies growth, expert mastery and defence.

The CyberMaster Trophy is an expressive representation that abstractly captures the complexity of evolving cyber threats that exist in the cyberspace. The elements that make up the abstract trophy are radically twisted in a circular form that is in constant flux. The concept evokes capturing the notion of the rapidly evolving cyberspace.

Dr. Marwan Al Zarouni, Strategic Advisor at Digital Dubai, said, “As Dubai is transitioning into the future of the internet, the idea of offering digital assets that can be used to transact and receive physical value of services and experiences will soon become the norm”