Election Campaign Kicks Off in Kazakhstan

Election Campaign Kicks Off in Kazakhstan

Astana, The Gulf Observer: The presidential candidates in the upcoming elections can conduct their election campaign from 6 p.m. on Oct. 21 until midnight on Nov. 19, reported the Central Election Commission (CEC) press service.

The candidates can campaign via mass media appearances, public events, and dissemination of printed or audiovisual campaign materials.

The candidates can circulate campaign materials only through the preapproved 320 media outlets. The outlets should not show favoritism to any candidates or allow for the publication or broadcasting of any materials propagating violent change of the constitutional order, undermining the state’s integrity and security, inciting social and racial hatred, and promoting cruelty and violence.

Government agencies, military personnel, members of election commissions, religious associations, and foreigners are prohibited from participating in election campaigns. The Prosecutor General’s Office will monitor compliance with the campaign rules.

According to the CEC, the televised presidential debates will take place on Nov. 11 on the Khabar TV channel. A total of six candidates will run for president this year.

The CEC also reported on 76 international observers from four international organizations and three accredited countries. More can apply for accreditation until 6 p.m. on Nov. 14.