Electric Scooter – A new transportation option in Kuwait

Kuwait, The Gulf Observer: E-Fly a new eco-friendly electric scooter that was created to provide solutions that can help eliminate or decrease modern problems, and it significantly reduces emissions compared to fuel-powered cars and buses.

The electric scooter is currently available in different locations in Kuwait, and is the perfect solution for traffic. It is mostly useful in urban areas and universities throughout Kuwait to provide easier transportation solutions, especially for university students.

This project aims to achieve practicality by moving from one place to another via a safe, advanced and small scooter, while saving effort and time and reducing pressure on energy.

This scooter was made of high quality and safe materials that ensure the stability and balance of the product and works in different environmental conditions such as rain, sun, humidity and its parts can be recycled and recharged at the end of the day.

It is possible to obtain e-Fly at the nearest point, by looking at the map that will be available through the scooter’s application, provided that users of this scooter are either 18 years or older, and are trained by professionals.