Erdogan Vows Commitment to Enhance Turkish-Greek Relations

Erdogan Vows Commitment to Enhance Turkish-Greek Relations

Ankara, The Gulf Observer: In a resolute statement, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has affirmed his dedication to fostering enduring peace and stability in the relations between Turkiye and Greece.

Speaking exclusively to the Greek daily Kathimerini in an interview on Sunday, President Erdogan emphasized the shared responsibility of both nations in dismantling the barriers of prejudice that have hindered bilateral relations.

Acknowledging the complexity of disagreements between the two countries, President Erdogan underscored the importance of confronting these issues directly rather than postponing discussions. He emphasized the necessity of addressing the root causes of disagreements with courage and determination.

Expressing Turkiye’s sincere commitment to enhancing ties with Greece, President Erdogan articulated Turkiye’s aspiration to elevate bilateral relations to unprecedented levels through constructive dialogue and resolution of outstanding issues.

Highlighting the recent positive developments in bilateral relations, President Erdogan praised the ongoing process of improvement and emphasized Turkiye’s readiness to engage in frank discussions to address areas of contention.

President Erdogan also extended appreciation for the warm hospitality extended to him during his visit to Athens, emphasizing the reciprocal nature of diplomatic gestures. He expressed confidence that Turkish hospitality would be extended in kind during the upcoming visit of the Greek Prime Minister to Ankara.

Citing tangible outcomes of the burgeoning reconciliation, President Erdogan referenced the Athens Declaration and various agreements and protocols signed between the two nations as evidence of progress in fostering a climate of cooperation.

As both countries navigate the complexities of their relationship, President Erdogan’s commitment to dialogue and cooperation serves as a beacon of hope for enduring peace and prosperity in Turkish-Greek relations.

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