Expo 2023 Doha Commemorates Arab League Honor Day in Celebration of 79th Anniversary

expo 79th

Doha, The Gulf Observer: Expo 2023 Doha marked the Arab League Honor Day, commemorating the 79th anniversary of the Arab League. The celebration was attended by HE Abdullah bin Hamad bin Abdullah Al Attiyah, Minister of Municipality and Chairman of the national committee for hosting Expo 2023; HE Ahmed Aboul Gheit, Secretary-General of the Arab League; along with various officials and diplomats.

HE Aboul Gheit extended his congratulations to the State of Qatar for hosting an exceptional edition of Expo 2023, the first in the region following the successful FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. He expressed gratitude to Qatar for establishing an Arab League pavilion within the Expo’s international zone. Themed ‘Let’s work together for a green Arab world,’ the pavilion showcases Arab efforts in modern agriculture, environmental awareness, sustainability, economic integration, food and water security, and technology and innovation.

The Arab League’s active participation in Expo 2023 encompasses a spectrum of events and activities centered around food and water security, environment, climate, water, smart agriculture, renewable and clean energy, and sustainable development, aligning with the expo’s main themes.

HE Ahmed Aboul Gheit emphasized that Qatar’s hosting of the Expo contributes to global sustainable development goals, enhances global awareness of environmental and sustainability issues, and reinforces Arab initiatives in addressing the effects of climate change.

Reflecting on the historical contributions of Arabs in land reclamation and water resource preservation, HE Aboul Gheit highlighted the Arab League’s initiatives in combating desertification and protecting water security through the establishment of specialized agricultural and environmental think tanks and ministerial councils.

During his visit to the Qatari pavilion, HE Aboul Gheit expressed admiration for Qatar’s advancements in modern agriculture and environmental innovations, underscoring their significant contribution to sustainability. The Arab League Honor Day celebration at Expo 2023 Doha underscores the collective commitment to fostering collaboration and showcasing Arab achievements in crucial areas of development and sustainability.