G7 Foreign Ministers Urge Commitment to Azerbaijan-Armenia Peace Process

G7 Foreign Ministers

Baku, The Gulf Observer: Foreign affairs ministers of the Group of Seven (G7) countries issued a statement regarding the normalization of relations between Azerbaijan and Armenia, as reported by Azerbaijani media.

The G7 countries emphasized the importance of Armenia and Azerbaijan remaining fully committed to the peace process aimed at achieving a durable and just peace based on fundamental principles, including the non-use of force, respect for sovereignty, inviolability of borders, and territorial integrity.

The joint statement issued by Azerbaijan and Armenia on December 7, 2023, was recognized in the G7 statement, with a call for both parties to uphold the cooperative spirit embodied in the agreement.

Furthermore, the G7 countries expressed their readiness to support constructive engagements between Azerbaijan and Armenia at all levels, particularly within established negotiation frameworks.

The G7 reiterated the significance of adhering to the Almaty Declaration of 1991, wherein Armenia and Azerbaijan mutually recognize each other’s territorial integrity and sovereignty. The statement urged for expanded regional cooperation and the opening of all borders, including the Armenia-Turkiye border.

The G7’s attention to this issue underscores the importance of maintaining peace in the region. Questions have been raised about the timing and consistency of this stance, especially considering past territorial disputes and occupations within the region.

The statement reflects ongoing international efforts to foster stability and cooperation between Azerbaijan and Armenia, emphasizing the imperative of respecting fundamental principles for lasting peace and regional development.