Giant pandas, a gift from China, to arrive in Qatar in October

Doha, The Gulf Observer: Two Giant Pandas from the Sichuan Province of China, which is the hometown of Giant Pandas, will soon arrive in Doha.

The pandas are a gift from China to Qatar to mark the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 being held in the country from November 20 to December 18 said the Chinese Ambassador to the country, Zhou Jian.

The Ambassador made this announcement during a reception held in Doha on the occasion of the 73rd anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China.

“This is a gift presented by the 1.4 billion Chinese people for the Qatar World Cup, and will surely become a new symbol of China-Qatar friendship,” said the envoy.

The ambassador said that the two pandas named, ‘Suhail’ and ‘Thuraya’ would be brought to the country in October. Suhail is the name of one of the brightest stars visible in the Gulf region while Thuraya is the Arabic name for the Pleiades star cluster.