Guangdong Southern Tigers Seize Commanding 2-1 Lead with Convincing Victory

Guangdong Southern Tigers

Guangzhou, The Gulf Observer: The Guangdong Southern Tigers asserted their dominance on Monday night, clinching a pivotal 98-82 triumph over the Liaoning Flying Leopards in Game 3 of the Chinese Basketball Association (CBA) playoffs semifinals, propelling themselves to a 2-1 lead in the best-of-five series.

Taking full advantage of home court advantage, Guangdong exhibited a formidable performance from the outset. Holding a narrow eight-point lead at the end of the first quarter, they swiftly extended their advantage to double digits in the second quarter. However, Liaoning mounted a resilient comeback, narrowing the deficit to a mere three points by halftime.

The turning point came in the third quarter, as Zhou Qi and Hu Mingxuan orchestrated a relentless offensive onslaught, engineering a commanding 14-3 surge that propelled Guangdong to a commanding 64-49 lead. Despite Liaoning’s valiant efforts, they faltered in offense during the final quarter, allowing Guangdong to capitalize on an 8-1 run and widen the gap to an insurmountable 17 points. Du Runwang’s clutch three-pointers further cemented Guangdong’s superiority, securing a comfortable victory.

Reflecting on the triumph, Du Feng, head coach of Guangdong, acknowledged the team’s imperfections while urging his young players to glean valuable lessons from their seasoned opponents. With Liaoning, the defending champions and leaders of the regular season, now facing elimination, Guangdong remains resolute in their pursuit of excellence.

Hu Mingxuan led the scoring charge for Guangdong with a team-high 16 points, closely followed by Zhou Qi, who contributed 13 points and 12 rebounds to the winning cause. Liaoning’s Sharife Cooper and Kyle Fogg offered commendable performances, registering 17 and 16 points respectively. However, Liaoning’s struggles from beyond the arc, converting only 7 of 29 three-point attempts, proved detrimental to their aspirations.

With the series hanging in the balance, the two formidable adversaries are set to clash once again in Game 4, slated to be hosted on Guangdong’s home court on Wednesday. As tensions escalate and stakes soar, both teams brace themselves for a fiercely contested showdown, with Guangdong aiming to clinch a berth in the CBA finals, while Liaoning seeks to mount a dramatic comeback and prolong their title defense campaign.