Harnessing potential of young population

harnessing population

Lahore, The Gulf Observer: The Centre for Aerospace and Security Studies (CASS), Lahore, conducted a seminar on harnessing the vast untapped potential of Pakistan’s young population. The event featured a diverse panel of speakers with substantial experience across the public, private, development, and corporate sectors.

Investment in human capital can transform our economy

Dr Salman Shah, a prominent economist and former Finance Minister, emphasised on harnessing human potential through enhancing productivity and competitiveness. Nadir Salar Qureshi, Chief Investment Officer of Engro Corp, shed light on nurturing young talent by imparting practical skills for ensuring a quick turnaround through remittances and the gig economy to plug the gaping current account deficit. Mosharraf Zaidi, a policy expert and CEO of Tabadlab, shared an insightful analysis linking the low productivity of the workforce with stunting due to malnutrition and low literacy.

In his concluding remarks, President CASS Air Marshal Asim Suleiman (retd) expressed, “It is important for our policymakers to realise that time and tide wait for no one. They must realise the importance of this Demographic Window.” He further added, “Investment in human capital can transform our economy. It must be taken as a long term national strategic objective which should be achieved by the collective efforts of key stakeholders.”