Hatta Cultural Nights to kick off on 21st December, 2022

Hatta Cultural Nights to kick off on 21st December, 2022

Dubai, The Gulf Observer: Dubai Culture and Arts Authority (Dubai Culture) is organising the second edition of the Hatta Cultural Nights in line with the vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, to bring about comprehensive development in Hatta and enrich its cultural and artistic scene, with activities that deepen the public’s relationship with heritage and increase their knowledge of the region to stimulate cultural tourism.

Hatta Cultural Nights, which will be held from 21st December, 2022, to 1st January 2023, celebrates Emirati heritage, folklore, music, and poetry.

The festival, hosted at the Hatta Heritage Village, which recently underwent comprehension redevelopment as part of the efforts of the Supreme Committee to Oversee the Development of Hatta, highlights the culture of the mountainous environment in Hatta and the local expressions. This culturally rich celebration comes as part of Dubai Culture’s support of the Dubai Destinations initiative.

Mariam Al Tamimi, Acting Director of the Heritage Sites Department at Dubai Culture, affirmed the importance of the various activities offered within the festival, saying,“Hatta Cultural Nights spotlights the nature and rich history of Hatta, like customs, traditions and cultural heritage, to strengthen its position on the cultural tourism map.”

Al Tamimi praised the efforts of the Supreme Committee to Oversee the Development of Hatta in redevelopment of the ‘Hatta Heritage Village’ to highlight the cultural and historical values of the area’s natural and heritage sites.

She indicated that the festival will be run in close collaboration with the residents of Hatta, in a step aimed at supporting and attracting families and creative talent in the area, stressing that Hatta Cultural Nights falls within Dubai’s cultural vision aimed at cementing Dubai’s position as a global centre for culture, an incubator for creativity and a thriving hub for talent.

The cultural event includes distinctive folklore and creative expression, presented by local bands, where the audience will be able to enjoy the ‘Alharbiya’ and Al Rababa performances.

The festival will present evenings filled with Arabic poetry performed by a group of Emirati poets alongside several other traditional performances

A key element of the festival is a local market for traditional handicrafts presented by local family businesses, in addition to works of art created by people of determination, which will be presented in collaboration with Sheikha Maitha bint Rashid Al Maktoum Centre for People of Determination in Hatta. Children will also be able to enjoy a range of entertainment activities, including a corner for Emirati traditional games.

Hatta Cultural Nights is an initiative of Dubai Culture aimed at empowering the people of Hatta, enhancing cultural tourism in the area, and placing focus on its history, heritage and natural environment. This event affirms Dubai Culture’s efforts aimed at empowering of the younger generations to be creative, innovative and proud of the Emirati heritage and culture.