Inaugural Session of Oman Civil Defence Conference Commences

Inaugural Session of Oman Civil Defence Conference Commences

Muscat, The Gulf Observer: The highly anticipated second edition of the “Oman Civil Defence and Ambulance Conference and Exhibition” commenced on Monday, marking a significant milestone in advancing discussions on the critical theme of “Security and Safety of Establishments”.

Over the course of two days, the event serves as a platform for deliberating on the latest studies and research pertaining to security and safety protocols for various establishments. Hosted under the patronage of Lt. Gen. Hassan Mohsin Al Shuraiqi, Inspector General of Police and Customs, the opening ceremony set the stage for insightful discussions and knowledge exchange.

Organized by the Authority for Civil Defence and Ambulance (ACDA) in collaboration with esteemed strategic partners, institutions, and companies, the conference aims to address pressing issues related to public safety and emergency response. It features a comprehensive program, including presentations on innovative equipment, services, and technologies utilized in civil defence and ambulance services.

At the core of the conference’s objectives is the imperative to mitigate accidents and risks to public safety, thereby safeguarding lives and properties. By fostering dialogue and sharing best practices, the event endeavors to enhance preparedness and response capabilities within the community.

Moreover, the conference incorporates three specialized workshops focusing on key topics essential to promoting safety and well-being. These workshops delve into “First aids taught by life skills teachers at educational institutions”, “Security and safety measures to be applied by school bus drivers”, and “Safety procedures to be maintained by those interested in adventure tourism”.

The “Oman Civil Defence and Ambulance Conference and Exhibition” serves as a testament to Oman’s commitment to prioritizing safety and security measures, ensuring the resilience of its communities in the face of diverse challenges.