Indonesia Embraces Developed Nations’ Blueprint for Advancing AI Ecosystem

AI Ecosystem

Jakarta, The Gulf Observer: Indonesian Deputy Minister of Communication and Informatics, Nezar Patria, announced on Monday that the Indonesian government is leveraging developed countries as a model for the development of the nation’s artificial intelligence (AI) ecosystem. This strategic approach is being applied across various sectors, including communication, health, and agriculture.

In a press release issued by the Ministry of Communication and Informatics, Patria mentioned the adoption of foundation models, with active participation from Indonesia in their development. He highlighted instances such as Generative AI for Natural Language Processing developed by start-ups and the utilization of AI in marketing for data processing.

The statement was made following Patria’s attendance at the Planning Contributions and Important Stakeholders to Include Workshop, organized as part of the UNESCO Global Forum on the Ethics of AI at Brdo Congress Center, Slovenia, on Sunday (February 4, 2024), local time.

Patria elaborated on the two global approaches to regulating AI technology adopted by developed countries: the horizontal approach and the vertical approach. The horizontal approach aligns with the principles of AI development adopted by European Union countries, while the vertical approach is sector-specific, as observed in the practices of the US and China.

He assured that the Indonesian government is committed to supporting the development of AI in the country, particularly in essential sectors like the economy, education, and health. Emphasizing the increasing importance of AI as a future reference, Patria affirmed the Ministry of Communication and Informatics’ full support for AI development efforts by start-ups and technology companies, both national and global, operating in Indonesia.