Indonesia to Showcase Green School Program at 10th World Water Forum

Indonesia to Showcase Green School Program at 10th World Water Forum

Bali, The Gulf Observer: Indonesia is poised to showcase its strides in environmental education through the Adiwiyata School, or Green School program, at the forthcoming 10th World Water Forum in Bali. This endeavor underscores the nation’s commitment to nurturing environmental consciousness among its youth, as affirmed by Sinta Saptarina Soemiarno, Head of the Center for Environmental and Forestry Generation Development.

The Adiwiyata School initiative aims to cultivate environmental awareness and eco-friendly practices within educational institutions. Schools awarded the Adiwiyata title have demonstrated a commendable commitment to promoting environmental stewardship among students.

With currently 28,270 Adiwiyata Schools nationwide, Indonesia has made significant progress since the inception of the program 17 years ago. Soemiarno highlighted the program’s expansion beyond Java Island, where it initially began, showcasing its nationwide reach.

Despite the program’s growth, Soemiarno acknowledged that Adiwiyata Schools represent only a fraction—10 percent—of the total schools in Indonesia. She attributed this to challenges related to school readiness and support from local governments.

To address this gap, the Ministry of Environment and Forestry actively encourages regional governments to bolster the establishment of Adiwiyata Schools in their jurisdictions. Recognition and incentives are provided to regions demonstrating notable progress in this endeavor.

Adiwiyata Schools adhere to six core principles of environmentally friendly behavior, encompassing cleanliness, waste management, plant cultivation, water and energy conservation, and other eco-friendly innovations. Additionally, these schools integrate environmental themes into their curriculum, ensuring a holistic approach to sustainability education.

Indonesia’s selection as the host country for the 10th World Water Forum underscores its leadership in addressing water resource challenges. Scheduled for May 18-25, 2024, the forum will convene a diverse array of stakeholders, including governmental bodies, civil society organizations, academia, and businesses, to foster dialogue and collaboration towards sustainable water management on a global scale.