Indonesia Urges Restraint and UN Action Amid Escalating Middle East Tensions

Indonesia Urges Restraint and UN Action Amid Escalating Middle East Tensions

Jakarta, The Gulf Observer: Indonesia has voiced profound concern over the recent escalation of tensions in the Middle East, particularly following Iran’s missile attack on Israel on Saturday. In a statement released by Indonesia’s Foreign Ministry, the nation called upon both Iran and Israel to exercise restraint in order to prevent further escalation of the conflict.

The Indonesian Foreign Ministry also issued a plea to the United Nations Security Council to swiftly respond to the escalating situation, emphasizing the imperative of preventing any spill-over effects in the volatile Middle Eastern region.

“Indonesia urges the UN Security Council to act immediately to de-escalate tensions and continue working towards lasting peace in the Middle East,” read the statement published on the ministry’s social media platform.

Furthermore, Indonesia underscored the importance of addressing the root causes of the conflict, including the illegal occupation of Palestine and various violations of international law attributed to Israel. The nation reiterated its commitment to advocating for a just resolution of the Palestinian issue through the realization of a two-state solution, viewing it as essential for maintaining regional stability.

The recent surge in hostilities between Iran and Israel was sparked by an Israeli attack on the Iranian consulate in Damascus, Syria, on April 1, resulting in the deaths of several Iranian military officers, including high-ranking generals.

Iran retaliated with a missile strike targeting Israel on Saturday evening, prompting Israel to claim successful defense against the attack, despite minor damage incurred at one of its airbases.

In response to the escalating tensions, Israel’s Ambassador to the UN, Gilad Erdan, urged the Security Council to condemn Iran unequivocally and designate the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) as a terrorist organization. However, it’s notable that Israel’s stance on UN resolutions and its recent criticism of the international body have raised concerns about the sincerity of its appeal.

As the situation unfolds, Indonesia’s call for restraint and diplomatic action underscores the pressing need for a concerted effort to de-escalate tensions and pursue avenues for peaceful resolution in the Middle East.