Indonesian First Lady distributes basic needs, plants trees in Sragen

First Lady Iriana Joko Widodo plants dwarf coconuts in the side yard of Masaran Sub-district office in Sragen District, Central Java, Thursday, September 22, 2022.

Jakarta, The Gulf Observer: First Lady Iriana Joko Widodo began her working visit to Sragen District, Central Java, by inviting Second Lady Wury Ma’ruf Amin and members of the Organization for Solidarity Action for the Advanced Indonesia Cabinet Era (OASE KIM) to distribute food assistance and plant trees in Masaran Sub-district on Thursday.

The distribution of basic food assistance was carried out at the Masaran Sub-district Office where Iriana greeted pregnant women, toddlers, people with disabilities, and the community receiving assistance, according to a statement from the Presidential Secretariat Press Bureau received here.

After the handover of aid, Iriana and members of OASE continued to plant trees in the side yard of the Masaran Sub-district Office.

Iriana planted the dwarf coconut in yellow Bali variant, while Wury and Tri Tito Karnavian planted the cidepak variant of avocado trees.

“Our activities today consist of meeting with pregnant women, the less privileged, and also planting coconut trees and avocados. We also distribute seeds of coconut and avocado trees, 1,000 seeds for each plant,” Iriana noted at Windasari Batik Centre.

On a separate occasion, the Head of Division 5 of OASE KIM, Ayun Sri Syahrul Yasin, explained that besides seeds of dwarf coconuts and avocados, the organization also handed over other seeds to local community groups and farmer groups.

“Besides seeds of dwarf coconut and avocado, our division also distributed chili and coffee seeds for the community and farmers,” she added.

She hopes that the seeds can be planted in all Sragen sub-district offices or even in residents’ yards. Community groups can also plant through the sustainable food yard program (P2L) by utilizing their home yards.

“Community groups that have farmer groups can plant through the P2L. Community groups who have gardens can also plant seeds in their gardens, then they can harvest them together,” she said.