Indonesian and Singaporean Leaders to Convene at Bogor Palace for High-Level Retreat

Indonesian and Singaporean Leaders to Convene at Bogor Palace for High-Level Retreat

Jakarta, The Gulf Observer: Foreign Affairs Minister Retno Marsudi has disclosed that the upcoming Indonesian and Singaporean Leaders’ Retreat, scheduled for April 29 at the Bogor Palace, will focus on significant developments, particularly regarding the capital’s (IKN) Nusantara project in East Kalimantan.

Indonesian President Joko Widodo and Singaporean Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong are poised to engage in discussions covering a wide array of topics, including food security, energy transition, and the advancement of the IKN project, Marsudi announced. The agenda also encompasses human resource development, skills enhancement, talent exchange in the digital sector, and bolstering capacity in the healthcare domain.

In a press statement delivered at the Presidential Palace in Jakarta on Friday, Marsudi highlighted the keen interest of numerous Singaporean companies in collaborating to invest in the IKN project, particularly in the realm of solar energy amid the energy transition initiatives.

The meeting between President Jokowi and PM Lee is slated to review the extensive cooperation spanning over a decade between the two nations, while also ensuring the seamless continuation of established partnerships and fostering robust bilateral relations, Marsudi reiterated.

PM Lee’s participation in the Leaders’ Retreat marks his final official engagement before relinquishing his government duties to the new prime minister. Similarly, President Jokowi’s tenure concludes in 2024, culminating in a decade of administration.

Notably, Singapore’s Deputy Prime Minister, Lawrence Wong, slated to assume governance, will also be in attendance at the Retreat, underscoring the paramount importance of the bilateral relations between Singapore and Indonesia, as emphasized by Minister Marsudi.

In preparation for the upcoming Retreat, Minister Marsudi, alongside President Jokowi, received a courtesy visit from Singaporean Foreign Affairs Minister Vivian Balakrishnan at the State Palace in Jakarta. Discussions centered on the logistical and substantive arrangements for the forthcoming Retreat, which Indonesia is hosting this year.

Last year’s Leaders’ Retreat, held in Singapore on March 16, witnessed the exchange of six memoranda of understanding (MoUs) across various emerging sectors, such as the digital economy, sustainability, human capital development, and security, further solidifying the bilateral cooperation between the two nations.