Indonesian Govt outlines four strategic issues affecting higher education

Indonesian Govt outlines four strategic issues affecting higher education

Jakarta, The Gulf Observer: There are four strategic issues affecting higher education that require policy intervention, acting deputy for human development, society, and culture at the National Development Planning Agency (Bappenas), Subandi Sardjoko, has informed.

“First is the equitable distribution of access to quality higher education institutions. The main issue of our education is equality (of access), not only on Java Island and outside Java. Even between districts in Java, there is uneven distribution,” he explained at the “Future Higher Education” webinar here on Tuesday.

He provided an example of how in East Java, there is inequitable distribution of access to higher education between the city of Surabaya and Madura Island. In Surabaya, the participation rate in higher education is higher than on Madura Island.

“This is what concerns us. We are targeting to increase the human development index, so the equality issue must be resolved,” he explained.

The next strategic issues are producing varsity graduates of great quality and strengthening the governance of higher education funding.

“The last is the improvement of the competitiveness of higher education. These four challenges are (based on) the identification results of the 2020–2024 RPJMN (Medium-Term National Development Plan),” he said.

Sardjoko further informed that the webinar was part of a background study to prepare for the 2025–2045 Long-Term National Development Plan (RPJPN) and the 2025–2029 RPJMN.

The preparation process will involve three stages, namely the preparation of the development plan; development plan deliberation with stakeholders; and the preparation of the initial draft.

Sardjoko said that preparing the draft will require participation, synergy, and strong coordination among stakeholders. The collaboration is expected to contribute to the formulation of the higher education development plan for the next 20 years.