Inter-Faith Harmony Conference Darbar Mohra Sharif Rawalpindi

Darbar Mohra Sharif Rawalpindi

Rawalpindi, The Gulf Observer: On Friday, 5th April 2024, Inter-Faith Harmony Conference was held at Darbar Mohra Sharif Rawalpindi. This conference was held in collaboration with the Embassy of Romania, Pakistan Romania Friendship Association (PRFA), and Darbar Mohra Sharif Rawalpindi to Promote cultural relations between Pakistan and Romania.

The conference was graced by the presence of His Excellency Mr. Eduard Robert Preda, Charge d’Affaires of Romania, who served as a Chief Guest, alongside other esteemed members of the Romanian Embassy. Among the distinguished participants were Mr. Zaildar Ahsan Shah, Chairman Pakistan-Romania Friendship Association and Managing Director of Elaan Research Centre, Mr. Zaildar Zaheer Shah, Member of Advisory Council PRFA, Mr. Obaid Ayub, Director of House of Elaan, Peer Mujtaba Gul, Peer of Darbar Mohra Sharif, Mr. Sahibzada Farooq Gul, Mr. Ziaullah, MPA Punjab Assembly, Tehseen Akhtar Vice President Media PRFA, Tayyab Chatta Vice President Sports PRFA, Ali Kamal Butt Secretary General PRFA, Amjad Kamal Butt Senior Vice President PRFA and Member Advisory Council PRFA and Ambassador Mr. Ali Sarwar Naqvi.

Upon their arrival at Darbar Mohra Sharif Rawalpindi, the distinguished guests received a warm welcome from Peer Mujtaba Gul and Sahibzada Farooq Gul. Peer Mujtaba Gul and Zaildar Ahsan Shah then accompanied His Excellency as he visited the various departments of Darbar Mohra Sharif. Subsequently, His Excellency, along with the other guests, paid tribute to the Tomb of the Peer of Mohra Sharif. During his visit, His Excellency observed the historical letters penned by British Governors-General and Viceroys to the Peer of Mohra Sharif before Pakistan’s independence. Additionally, the meetings and conferences between the Peer of Mohra Sharif and Pakistan’s Prime Minister and officials were depicted through archival photographs.

In his address, Mr. Sahibzada Farooq Gul extended a warm welcome to His Excellency Mr. Eduard Robert Preda, Chairman Zaildar Ahsan Shah, and all the esteemed guests gathered at Darbar Mohra Sharif Rawalpindi. He emphasized the pivotal role of the Mohra Sharif institution in fostering peace among different religions across various regions, underscoring its ongoing commitment to promoting harmony and serving humanity.

Mr. Zaildar Ahsan Shah conveyed his appreciation to His Excellency Mr. Eduard Robert Preda, Mr. Ziaullah, and Mr. Ali Sarwar Naqvi for gracing the Interfaith Harmony Conference with their presence. He lauded the endeavors of His Excellency in bolstering Pak-Romania relations, particularly through avenues such as art, culture, sports, business, political, and tourism, expressing optimism for further enhancement of these ties in the times ahead. Mr. Zaildar Ahsan Shah expressed gratitude for the amicable relationship with Romania, considering it fortunate and enriching. He also praised Peer Mujtaba Gul for orchestrating the conference and acknowledged the significant role played by Peer Sahib and his family in fostering peace within the region through the teachings of Islam.

Mr. Zaildar Ahsan Shah emphasized that our Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (Peace be Upon Him) taught us the importance of living peacefully alongside adherents of all religions. Additionally, he highlighted that the Constitution of Pakistan guarantees the freedom of worship for every religious community, thereby underlining the country’s commitment to religious freedom and tolerance, and especially thanked Peer Mujataba Gul for organizing this conference.

During his address, His Excellency Mr. Eduard Robert Preda expressed sincere gratitude to Mr. Zaildar Ahsan Shah and Peer Mujtaba Gul for their efforts in organizing the conference. He emphasized that the primary objective of the conference is to foster peace and harmony among the diverse religious communities of both nations. His Excellency shared that he was born in the South-East region of Romania, which has a rich tapestry of religious diversity. He noted that for centuries, the challenge of coexistence among different religions persisted. However, through dialogue and the support of religious scholars from various backgrounds, progress has been made in resolving this issue. His Excellency underscored the importance of dialogue in achieving harmony and faith, stating that society should be built upon this foundation. Furthermore, he highlighted that Romania’s laws and community ethos uphold and ensure the freedom of worship for all, reflecting the nation’s secular principles.

Peer Mujtaba Gul extended his thanks to His Excellency Mr. Eduard Robert Preda, Mr. Zaildar Ahsan Shah, and all other attendees for their participation in the Interfaith Harmony Conference. He highlighted the enduring support of Sufism over the past two centuries in advocating for and advancing the message of peace. He praised Romania’s adherence to the rule of law, which ensures the freedom of worship for all individuals. Additionally, he expressed appreciation to His Excellency Mr. Eduard Robert Preda for graciously welcoming Pakistani citizens to his nation.

He emphasized that the initial message of peace was conveyed by our Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (Peace be Upon Him) through the Charter of Madina. This document granted freedom of worship to all religions, with Muslims pledged to safeguard the rights of all humans regardless of their religious affiliations. Therefore, he underscored that Islam inherently advocates for peace, and it remains our duty to continually promote peace and harmony.

His Excellency Mr. Eduard Robert Preda and other attendees deliberated on organizing a peace conference in Romania. The event aims to involve religious scholars from both Pakistan and Romania, in partnership with Peer Mujtaba Gul, to advance the message of peace and harmony at an international level and to arrange conferences in both countries to strengthen the religious linkage between Romania and Pakistan.

The conference came to an end with a delightful Iftar dinner. Guests were treated to a diverse array of culinary delights, featuring mouth-watering fritters, fragrant rice, and delectable chicken curry. Amidst the flavors and aromas that filled the air, conversations continued to flow, fostering a sense of unity and camaraderie among attendees.