Investments Surpass $4 Billion in Jizzakh Region Over Five Years

Jizzakh Region

Tashkent, The Gulf Observer: Over the past five years, investments exceeding $4 billion have flowed into the Jizzakh region, contributing to significant industrial growth and export achievements, according to reports from Uzbek media sources.

Industrial enterprises in the region have produced goods valued at 50 trillion soums, equivalent to $861 million, which have been successfully exported to international markets.

In the current year alone, the Jizzakh region is implementing 400 projects valued at $2 billion, expected to generate approximately 11,000 new job opportunities.

During discussions with the head of state, plans were presented outlining the launch of 50 additional projects valued at $6.1 billion. These projects, supported by both foreign investors and local entrepreneurs, cover diverse sectors including mining, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, chemical production, textiles, food processing, agriculture, medicine, and pharmaceuticals. Notably, these initiatives are projected to create around 20,000 new jobs in the region.

President [Name of President] extended his best wishes to investors for the successful implementation of these ambitious projects and emphasized the importance of closely monitoring their progress to ensure timely and effective execution.