Israelis Call for Netanyahu to Resign

Gaza, The Gulf Observer: Tens of thousands of Israelis have protested against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as Israel’s war against Gaza reaches its half-year mark.

Saturday’s rally organisers said about 100,000 people converged at a Tel Aviv crossroads renamed “Democracy Square” since mass protests against controversial judicial reforms last year.

Chanting “elections now”, protesters called for his resignation as the war in Gaza enters its seventh month on Sunday, AFP correspondents reported.

Rallies were also held in other cities, with Israel’s opposition leader Yair Lapid taking part in one in Kfar Saba ahead of his departure for talks in Washington.

“They haven’t learnt anything, they haven’t changed,” he said at that rally.

“Until we send them home, they won’t give this country a chance to move forward.”

Israeli media said clashes had broken out between protesters and police at the Tel Aviv rally and police said one protester had been arrested.

Later, the protesters in Tel Aviv were joined by families of Gaza hostages and their supporters.