Kazakh and Kyrgyz Leaders Unveil Monument of Aikol Manas in Astana


Astana, The Gulf Observer: In a momentous ceremony held in the Kazakh capital of Astana, Presidents Kassym-Jomart Tokayev of Kazakhstan and Sadyr Zhaparov of Kyrgyzstan unveiled the monument of Aikol Manas, as reported by the Akorda press service.

President Tokayev highlighted the significance of installing the monument in Astana, underscoring the deep respect and enduring friendship between Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. He recalled the unveiling of the monument to great Abai in Bishkek two years ago, emphasizing that such initiatives foster stronger ties between the two nations.

The President noted the profound historical and cultural importance of the Manas epic, describing it as a unique heritage cherished not only by Kyrgyzstan but by all Turkic nations. Tokayev commended Kazakh scholars, including Shokan Ualikhanov, Mukhtar Auezov, and Alkei Margulan, for their invaluable contributions to preserving and studying this epic narrative.

President Tokayev emphasized the shared cultural heritage of Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, highlighting the mutual support and collaboration between notable figures from both countries. He expressed gratitude on behalf of Kazakhstan for Kyrgyzstan’s assistance during recent challenges, including flood relief efforts.

The monument unveiled in Astana symbolizes the enduring brotherhood between the Kazakh and Kyrgyz peoples, reflecting their shared Turkic roots and deep historical connections.

President Zhaparov of Kyrgyzstan expressed gratitude to President Tokayev and the people of Kazakhstan for their support in erecting the monument, underscoring the significance of this historic event for both nations.

The unveiling ceremony was attended by official delegations and representatives of the creative intelligentsia from Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, marking a significant milestone in the cultural and diplomatic relations between the two countries.