Kazakhstan Announces Launch Of Multilingual Culture Online Portal

Kazakhstan Announces Launch Of Multilingual Culture Online Portal

Astana, The Gulf Observer: The Ministry of Culture and Information in Kazakhstan is poised to unveil a groundbreaking initiative – the inaugural Culture Online Portal, offering content in eight languages, as reported by various media outlets.

The primary objective of this initiative is to provide a virtual platform for individuals interested in exploring the rich cultural heritage of Kazakhstan. Culture and Information Minister Aida Balayeva shared the ministry’s vision during today’s board meeting, emphasizing the portal’s role in facilitating access to museums, libraries, theaters, national cinema, exhibitions, museums-nature reserves, the golden collection of national music, and contemporary music, all available online.

Minister Balayeva highlighted the global success of similar projects, citing the Louvre Museum as an exemplary case. The Louvre receives a staggering 50,000 daily visitors, with an additional 10 million virtual tourists exploring its offerings remotely. The Culture Online Portal aims to replicate this efficiency on a national scale, fostering accessibility and appreciation for Kazakhstan’s cultural treasures.

“The Culture Online Portal is a testament to our commitment to democratizing cultural access. We aim to break down barriers and make our rich cultural tapestry accessible to everyone, regardless of geographical location or linguistic background,” stated Minister Balayeva.

The multilingual aspect of the portal underscores Kazakhstan’s dedication to inclusivity, ensuring that a diverse global audience can engage with and appreciate the nation’s cultural wealth. The eight languages featured on the platform will cater to a wide range of audiences, enhancing the reach and impact of Kazakhstan’s cultural initiatives.

The Culture and Information Ministry anticipates that the Culture Online Portal will serve as a valuable resource, fostering cultural exchange, education, and a deeper appreciation for Kazakhstan’s diverse heritage.